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Interior design

We can say that 15 years ago custom dream home furnishing was very difficult to implement. With the collapse of the Union of standard interior design has evolved to the personal .

Who are extravagant , bright and modern interiors .

Modern design interior designs is not only the owner of a cafe or a cottage , but also specially trained interior designers . More often than not – a joint labor tenant and interior designer. Sometimes a customer chooses an interior designer at good rekomentatsiyam this step as a result a unique version of the interior, you will be amazed friends and guests . However , unfortunately, the resulting interiors, often in everyday life, not the production of comfortable , they are invented , we do not agree with the habits of the customer and his vision of comfort. Bargain to this it is also a very costly exercise .

Significantly easier to invite artist , voicing their wishes . During the study and manufacture of sketches artist will discuss with you the final version , taking into account the finishing materials, financial capacity , colors and furniture finishes.

Well, if you do the design on their own premises , a professional will help – to bring the work of builders and decorators , realizing your ideas to life.

Interior design – a difficult job . This requires the customer’s time, effort, having knowledge , and typically a large financial cost .

Substantial budget and lighter design transformation using decor that does not require much space reconstructions and design projects . Change the curtains, tablecloths , add a light decorative finish . With the new coffee table and ottoman finish and will be upgraded to better please the eye , easier to help carry your everyday life .

Buying a new sofa, consider the size and style

What should I consider when buying a new sofa
When buying a sofa for your home, in fact, you are doing a lot of investments – not only furniture but also in space and design solutions that you can make in your home. A good sofa will allow you to feel comfortable and on it, and next to him. It should be remembered that this is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in your room, so make sure you make the right choice.


The size of the sofa – not just focus in relation to space, but also the style of the sofa and the impact it has on the room in general. Measure your room before you go to buy a sofa. Many Web sites are listed sofas furniture manufacturers in size, so you can advance to make sure that the sofa is right for you before you visit the store. Select several options, print them in order not to forget, what you like sofas, and then go to the furniture store. Do not forget to measure doorways and stairways to make sure that your sofa will go through them to get into your house.
One should not get upset if you like a sofa-size does not go through the door. Some manufacturers can Record your couch in parts, and build it already in the room, so you can clarify this issue with the manager.

Size matters when it comes to the sofa. For example, a short sofa can fit in better with the style of the room, and a wide or a long sofa holds a lot of people.


Sofas can be attributed to a variety of styles. There are business (office), sofas, couches, which are cozy, modern style sofas. Think about the general style of your room. If your room is filled with antiques, modern sofa is unlikely to fit into the style of the room. As the largest piece of furniture in the room, the sofa is often sets the style for the whole space.

Mechanisms of transformation

The mechanism allows a foldout couch and write and, basically, that his schema defines the structure and design of furniture. There are many different mechanisms of transformation of furniture (over 15), but commonly used are: “French” camp, “book” or “click-klyak”, “accordion”, “roll” and “Dolphin”.

“French” camp.

The mechanism is most common (especially in foreign models of furniture). Allows you to use any, fantastic design, as in the classics and in modern. But does not provide a niche for laundry. It has four classes of performance: economic, napivortopedychnyy, orthopedic and “daily sleep.

Keeper class. As a “sleeper” is used polypropylene covering (similar to the Soviet clamshell with higher quality fabric material and springs that are not popping up and stretching) or metal mesh (similar to the Soviet iron beds with a metal grid, only the highest quality) plus a thin foam mattress. Have a good sleep on the couch so hard, but possible.

Napivortopedychnyy class – under the cloth puts a few extra slats. Lamella made of laminated veneer, which is attached by pressing curved. Because of its shape and material (for the slats plywood used birch or beech) lamel “works” as a flat spring. This, in principle, and orthopedic effect is achieved. The best (but expensive) are considered beech slats.

Orthopedic grade. The mechanism has 12-14 transverse slats. It is set just foam mattress (9 cm). Typically, for a standard mattress (and cheapest) brand foam (ST-2534). If you talk about what should be (theoretically) your mattress – it should be of high density foam, and stiffness. Ask the manufacturer (salon that sells ready made, do not be able) to replace the standard mattress vysokoschilnyy and hard. And suddenly he agree?

Movements of sleep daily “appeared recently, and despite the high price is a strong demand worldwide. Its main difference from the above-listed mechanisms – the presence of spring mattresses, 12-14 cm thick This mechanism can actually sleep and not only the guests … However, despite the presence of spring mattress, this mechanism (and all following) behind the normal bed.

“French” camp involves the use of the mechanism as a guest option. This furniture, which occasionally have guests sleep. It is not designed for daily use. If you plan to use for daily sleep sofa, note the class mechanism and the mattress should be (ideally) with vysokoelastychnoho foam, latex or spring unit.

“Book” or “click-klyak.

One of the easiest and reliable mechanisms. Allows you to place the bridge under the seat niche for laundry. The mechanism has no moving or those rotating parts, namely, they fail in the first place. Remember the old “good” Soviet sofas in which the mechanism of transformation was practically the only one? “Click-klyak, and a sofa into a bed. Very often, unfortunately, these sofas are pronounced only “click”, and “klyak” came from the second or third time. Despite the simplicity, quality mechanisms leave much to be desired. We have presented a reliable and market mechanisms for quality sofas type “book”, not only domestic but also overseas. However, domestic producers are practically not used the mechanism of transformation. Maybe because the mass production of low-quality upholstered furniture in the “good old days” forever repelled the buyer wishes to purchase “books”.


One of the most common and reliable mechanisms. Sleeper “vykochuyetsya” from under the couch. This mechanism is important that the portion of the frame, which rides on top spot, was made of solid wood (pine in the squeeze roller groove). Better yet, if applied fully metal frame. Note the material from which produced commercials and on their diameter (larger – the better). Faulty or improperly installed can jam the mechanism. Note the smoothness of operation.


This mechanism is used mainly for furniture corner models. Front put forward by “getting in the loop”, and draws on a booster seat, which is part of the berth. Case One of the most common and reliable mechanisms. Sleeper “vykochuyetsya” from under the couch. This mechanism is important that the portion of the frame, which rides on top spot, was made of solid wood (pine in the squeeze roller groove). Better yet, if applied fully metal frame. Note the material from which produced commercials and on their diameter (larger – the better). Faulty or improperly installed can jam the mechanism. Note the smoothness of operation.


This mechanism is used mainly for furniture corner models. Front put forward by “getting in the loop”, and draws on a booster seat, which is part of the berth. Case linen hidden, usually not in the “Dolphin”, and the angular unit. Notice how easily you were able to uncover a sofa. A good mechanism allows it to do easily (or almost no effort).


Accordion he called in Europe. We have it – harmonica. In this design sofa forward the principle of “bunching”.

How to choose furniture. Bedroom

Often combined with the bedroom study or sitting area. The first concern, because the neighborhood beds and a working corner of your computer not very good for health. Combining bedrooms with sitting area more correctly.

Fashionable and convenient option – a combination of bedroom and dressing room. By sliding door hides the whole room, where a spacious shelves and hangers in the order stored clothing. Here you can access, select the appropriate thing and quietly dressing, looking in the mirror.

If you make a separate bedroom, away to her small room.

Traditsyonno bedroom furniture sold as sets that include bed, wardrobe, dresser, matching bedside tables, dressing table and mirror (or mirror). The toolkit automatically provides unity of style throughout the room. Many furniture stores can skomplektuvaty poelementno bedroom.

Bedroom – most comfortable and intimate place in the house, hidden from prying eyes. Therefore, choosing furniture for it, you can depart from the generally accepted canons and unleash the imagination. This bedroom style solution may differ from other rooms of the house. In the bedroom all relevant styles and trends: bizarre baroque minimalism and strict, conservative and classic open high-tech – the main thing that you were pleased to be here.

In the bedroom color range tones are usually neutral, soothing: pearl-gray, light blue, light pink, etc. These paints in the interior of a bedroom perfectly combined with the color of natural wood.

In the bedroom is important to think about the lighting system. Chandelier on the ceiling should be a source of bright light, and fixtures in the headboards create comfort and give them the opportunity to read before bedtime.

The main subject in the bedroom – the bed. When choosing a bed, note the grating strength and quality mattress. The best types of mattress coverings – cotton, linen or wool, and the best stuffing – coconut or seaweed.

In the locker (low cabinet with drawers) are usually put bedding.

Case-compartment or a traditional wardrobe – a mandatory attribute of the modern bedroom. The closet is kept most of the clothes the owners house, sliding or folding door “coupe” can save space in your room. Door cabinets often have a mirror, thus increasing the area of visual space.

Almost all producers and sellers bedroom sets give a guarantee on its products: from 1 year to 25 years. Lifetime furniture also depends on the materials used and the intensity of exploitation.

The material in the manufacture of bedroom furniture usually modern chipboard, MDF and other plates with reliable coverage of natural veneer and polymers – laminate and melamine. If funds allow, it is better to prefer MDF as a more robust and environmentally friendly material. When buying a sleeping set with DSP ask the seller hygiene certificate, which must be given allocation level of formaldehyde.

The most expensive models of furniture made of solid wood, although usually in the form of wood veneer is used only for treatment of facades.

Melamine laminate and used as artificial coating for particle board and other boards. Melamine covered surface is not designed for high mechanical loads, while the laminate thicker, stronger and more durable.


Folding – one of the varieties of furniture designed for lying, sitting or household or leisure guests. Usually placed in the living room sofa, but he could find a place in any room.

How is the word “sofa” appeared not long ago – about the XVI century and almost literal meaning “written paper” or “lists” (farce, Turkish and Arabic), then the word “sofa” marked the books for accounting, then office and eventually it became known as upholstered furniture, which usually were in such institutions – long benches with soft upholstery.

There are several varieties of sofas:

ottoman – a low wide sofa, is not back;

sofa – large soft sofa, which has low back and armrests;

tapas – a small sofa, a bed-head lifted;

otomanka – soft and wide sofa with pillows, which replaces the back;

sofa bed – sofa, sofa, which leans back or withdrawn;

Modular sofa – consists of several sections and displays “next” zrushuyuchy not the place.