Choose kitchen

Choose a kitchen? Our tips can help you choose furniture that will transform your kitchen is not just a place of cooking, but in a place where you’ll always feel the warmth and comfort.

  1. Pay attention to accessories. If the loops are not marked (on the cup hinges), their quality may cause doubt.
  2. Drawers on rails (building a box made of chipboard) is worse than metaboxes (metal case drawer). Check the smoothness of the nomination. The box shall be nominated smoothly and recorded in the extreme position.
  3. Inside the case you should see the kitchen adjustable awnings. If they do not – do not buy a kitchen.
  4. Kitchen must stand on legs (adjustable legs). Do not buy a kitchen without adjustable feet.
  5. End face of the housing can be pasted paper melamine or PVC edge-edge. PVC edge – better.
  6. The rear end of the body and countertops should be plastered. Unfortunately, the vast majority of domestic furniture manufacturers do not cover this part of the kitchen (it does not see the buyer). Enter this item in the additional terms and conditions.
  7. Decorative cap on the vertical part of the body shuts head confirmats (furniture screws). This body assembled at the kitchen confirmats.
  8. If the plugs are located on the horizontal parts (upper and lower housing cover), then assembled at building minifiksah. In this case, the plug will be larger. The absence of caps (see p.7-8) says that the shell – Glued.
  9. Do not buy a kitchen, a body which is assembled on metal or plastic parts.
  10. The upper and lower body should gather together with special clamps. They increase the stiffness of the body. You should see the plug on the inside of the hull.
  11. The rear wall should be installed in the groove. If a domestic producer that does not (and he did not), specify additional terms and conditions, to the back of the tightened screws, not staples or nails that are in the CPD just do not stick.
  12. The lower part of table tops should be water repellent sizing or a special groove. If not, request another kitchen countertop or buy elsewhere.
  13. If the lower cap is made of particle board (not plastic), ask him to remove and inspect the bottom end, adjacent to the floor. It shall be protected PVC edge or a special protective U-shaped profile. Make these requirements in the contract. If the lower cap is not removed, then a kitchen “stands” on the base, rather than on the legs (see p.4).
  14. If the front is made of particle board, its ends must be lined with PVC edge, the thickness of 1,5-2 mm. If at the end – a paper edge, better refrain from buying.
  15. If you are using laminated MDF facade, view the edge of the facade. The film is nowhere to be behind and come unstuck. Look at the front at an acute angle. The presence of bumps says that in the manufacturing process between the film and the facade of debris or dust.
  16. Check painted facade – is the same as a laminate. There should be no chipped paint on the edges and unacceptable presence of dust particles on the front surface.
  17. If you buy a kitchen with a facade of natural wood (array), check the density of the adjoining door to the body. If, for example, the lower part of the facade fits tightly, and the top has a gap, then the facade of “led” still in the sample. Producer uses unseasoned wood. Refrain from buying or require additional guarantee for the fronts (at least 1 year).
  18. In the glass door is very important, what purpose design of the facade. For security reasons, do not recommend buying the glass facades without a framework in which CPD is maintained only on the glass. When you hit a facade can be broken.