Furniture frame

In the good old days, when there were no boards, frame made of wood. Used only solid rock (beech, oak, birch, maple) wood quality. All connections are carefully glued-no nails or staples. But it was – before … Now the furniture manufactured in accordance with strict requirements of scientific and technological progress. Using new technologies and materials serves only one purpose – to reduce the cost of most furniture. Unfortunately, often at the expense of quality.

Consider modern construction technology of upholstered furniture.

Option 1: average

Frames are made of wood. For some bearing load (you sit), uses a powerful beam cross-section 40×60 and larger. Better if used dense hard-wood species (oak, birch, beech). However, most manufacturers use pine (2 times cheaper). Not always – in class and very often – not the section that you want.

With imported furniture – easier. The manufacturer must show that information in its catalog as use of expensive hardwood for the frame (not coniferous) species is a competitive advantage, and keep quiet about it would be just stupid.

Sides of the sofa can make paste between the bars of wood (glued timber), or may in other ways: to sheathe wood, not cardboard mounted bars, prybyvshy them (so that kept) tsvyashkamy. The second option, of course, cheaper but worse. For parts of the skeleton that are not may be used coniferous wood, because these parts are not subject to extreme loads. How and where made frame, you will not know ever, is that “disclose” sofa.

Option 2 best

The frame is made of plywood. Plywood is more expensive than natural wood and are much more expensive than a DSP. Depending on the quality and thickness, the cost of plywood is 10 – $ 20 per m2, which significantly affects the cost of furniture. Plywood – lightweight and durable material, relatively “clean”. The production of plywood sheets peeled veneer paste together with the change of transverse and longitudinal fibers. This adds a veneer maximum strength, higher than the wooden beams of similar section. Plywood is dry and light. In the manufacturing process (extrusion at high temperature and pressure) of it is evaporating all moisture – plywood never lead and she never rozsohnetsya.

Depending on the design, the frame can be made of a combination of plywood and a wooden bar (the part that is) or only with plywood. The exception is only one piece frame 3-seat sofa – bottom plate. Its length usually is about 2m. A basic typorazmer plywood, adopted in Russia, is 1,5 m long on the side. Even a good producer forced to ask at this point DSP.The thicker the plywood, the higher the strength of frame. Unfortunately, the price also increases. Minimum thickness is 12 mm. Maximum – 25 mm. If the frame is made of thicker and more expensive plywood, you must tell about it. High eksplutatsiyni plywood characteristics allow manufacturers of quality upholstered furniture to provide a guarantee on the frame to 10 years.If your weight – more than 120 kg, it makes sense to pay attention to the frame of plywood thickness not less than 16 mm.It is important to the manufacture of frame used only dried wood (8% moisture). Crude sohnutyme frame in your home, and when finally dry, will squeak. Good dried timber is worth at least two to three times more expensive than the “raw”. Very often the manufacturer (and not just domestic), saves and uses neprosusheni materials. Place the palm to the parts of a skeleton (if there are) and hold several sekund.Vysushene tree will always be warm to the touch (even in winter). Conversely, the “wet” wood is cold even in nayzharkishi days. Note the color of the wooden parts. Dark spots talk about the decay process (perhaps a tree has rot before drying).

If the manufacturer is fully closed the frame parts (eg obshyvshy cloth), where there was no need to process (like in other stores in similar models framework elements are not closed), maybe the manufacturer just tried to hide from you that the wood he used to frame . Sometimes cheaper and cheaper crude to sheathe not planed boards cloth, or simply not buy it. Most foreign manufacturers of fully covering the visible part of the frame. For them this – decencies. But when our producer, saving on fabric for the back of the couch (still stand by the wall), the mechanism (the cheapest), the quality of cloth (cheap Turkey or China) and even staples suddenly sheathe frame cloth … Perhaps the rules of good form has nothing to do.

Pay attention to the material from which made parts of furniture bearing. In furniture showroom you must report material from which made upholstered furniture. If used coniferous wood – note the thickness of lumber. It should inspire you to trust (not less than 40mm. On the side that is). Pay attention to the knots. They should be no more than 2 cm in diameter and can not be many (knots weaken the rigidity of a bar). The number of knots and their size determine the grade of wood.

To determine the frame material – lift chair (sofa may be the mechanism of transformation, which will significantly increase its weight). If you did it, so the frame is made of plywood or wood. Furniture from a frame of boards, you will feel the weight. And even if the couch and a box for clothes … Move this furniture you will be quite difficult, and raise them (without the help of friends and relatives) you simply can not.