Main component of choice

When choosing a sofa most buyers prefer the following characteristics: design, usability, functionality. Consider design as the main component of choice.

Classic or modern? You can not answer simply – it all depends on your taste and from your interior. You should not talk about that in a classic room with natural wooden furniture in modern with shiny chrome towers look defiant. And vice versa.

Despite the variety of manufacturers, design, usually repeated and when you zaymetes choice of furniture, you will discover with surprise that such a “very model I’ve seen elsewhere and in other tissues.

Caused by a rather prosaic things:

First – plagiarism. Despite the fact that the word is unpleasant, plagiarism – one of the main driving forces in the furniture business. A small group of extraordinary designers create new solutions. All the furniture last public acquainted with the latest in international exhibitions and shamelessly copy them into their furniture.

This applies not only to domestic producers. Plagiarism – a worldwide practice. Most models of Italian, German, French, factories and so on average – a partial or total borrowings (sounds a little better than plagiarism).

Secondly, unlike the case of furniture that can make this request to your sketches, furniture is usually not made individually. It features due to technology.

To make a quality sofa, you need to accurately calculate the shape of a skeleton, pillows and covers geometry. For single-density foam cover sizes will be one for another – a little more. Otherwise, fabric or leather correctly natyahatymutsya, seam “eat” away and so on and so forth. For the technology and construction of a model maker can spend a few months.

Even a complete copy of furniture, when acquired imported sofa disassembly, carefully zamiryayetsya and copied to the smallest detail – not a guarantee that the sofa will. As a rule, “comes” only in the 3 rd time. Because the foam used another brand (less dense or rigid), another cloth (“stretching” in another), another frame, other equipment and circuit assembly.

So what are the conclusions of the above can we do?

Conclusion 1. Did you like sofa from Italian firm “A” very nice but very expensive? The same model (or very similar) can be found in other Italian (Spanish, French, German, Finnish or Polish) of “B” or domestic company “G”, but at affordable price. Designed to be the same. Another question is whether the same quality? (We are talking about it borrowed models).

Conclusion 2. If you expect that will be clearly laid out in the prepared architect niche width 2,47 m, be prepared for what will have to buy a sofa 2.15 m, as in other sizes so approved model simply will not. And in the “hole” that is formed will have to put a vase or a small table. Therefore, to avoid annoying misses architect or designer makes sense to do a choice of furniture still in the design stage.