Quality fabrics

Identify quality fabrics in the finished product is almost impossible (it is difficult even for experts). However, the following suggestions will help you make certain findings before you buy furniture. Typically, all shops offer samples of tissue, which upholstered furniture.

Therefore, we can predict that at your disposal is a sample. How to use it to determine the quality of fabrics? If the edge of the sample tissue is processed, vysmyknit few strings and try to break them, try to stretch the fabric, soak it, look, or pulled strings (especially in strips) and the like. Fabric poor quality will not survive even such a simple test. If you ready to fold, look for the seams and place mounting brackets. Substandard fabric in these places rozhodytymetsya or puskatyme arrows. Carefully consider the fabric. This binding density (number of weaves 1sm2) determines the quality and price of fabric, not the thickness or weight. Cloth may seem heavy through thick filaments and special glue treatment, which, incidentally, very often “afraid” of water. But of this you will find out only after you fill top neighbors.

Sometimes nakrohmalyuyut or impregnate the fabric glue. This fabric seems tighter and thicker. You lot will become clear if you look through the magnifying glass cloth (so it is examined experts). Some types of fabrics used for inexpensive banketok with removable covers. These furniture are not designed for continuous operation. They (the capitalists) provides that a couple of years a person can replace or cover all the furniture (if it cost $ 200-300, which edinorazovym comparable to attending a good restaurant). Note, if you bought this furniture, the seller must receive recommendations for their care and cleaning. Some fabrics can be cleaned only chemically, but by no means erase. They may have some treatment that is “afraid” of water.

Flock. Many people flock certain components can cause allergies. To check the quality of the flock, rub a tissue sample in hand. If no fingers left nylon coating particles, then you were lucky – before you high-quality flock. This is just some advice, but we hope that the furniture that you select through them, you will long to please his impeccable appearance.