Folding – one of the varieties of furniture designed for lying, sitting or household or leisure guests. Usually placed in the living room sofa, but he could find a place in any room.

How is the word “sofa” appeared not long ago – about the XVI century and almost literal meaning “written paper” or “lists” (farce, Turkish and Arabic), then the word “sofa” marked the books for accounting, then office and eventually it became known as upholstered furniture, which usually were in such institutions – long benches with soft upholstery.

There are several varieties of sofas:

ottoman – a low wide sofa, is not back;

sofa – large soft sofa, which has low back and armrests;

tapas – a small sofa, a bed-head lifted;

otomanka – soft and wide sofa with pillows, which replaces the back;

sofa bed – sofa, sofa, which leans back or withdrawn;

Modular sofa – consists of several sections and displays “next” zrushuyuchy not the place.