Tiffany. Fabrics

The fabric, made specifically for the world famous firm “NATUZZI”. On the existing analogs original Tiffany Suede ALCANTARA it is maximally close both visually and by technical specifications.

Tiffany Suede – a new kind of upholstery and decorative fabrics. It belongs to the line of ultramikrovolokon coating that mimics suede and is so sensitive that surprises absolute similarity with the original. Tiffany Suede guarantees high quality of technical specifications which have been confirmed in practice by conducting various tests.

This fabric is not subjected to deformation and does not collect dirt that penetrates deep into fibers. It can be used as upholstery for furniture, also suitable for fabric draping the walls, the cabins on the ship, and a simplified version without a solid foundation – for the curtains on the windows, curtains on the bed or blankets.

Tiffany Suede – practical and easy to clean. If the upholstery can be removed, then wash as the fabric in water at 40 C, and dry by chemical washing. Usually periodic vacuum processing (every 10-15 days) is sufficient for cleaning dust and dry dirt.

Some types of stains can be removed using aqueous solution with the addition of mild detergent or technical alcohol. Weight: 490 g / lm.;

Width: 140 cm;

Composition: 83% polyester, 17% cotton;

Test wash: 25 000 cycles;

Color range: 36